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Reiki with Deborah Lyons

Reiki Classes

Reiki with Reiki Teacher Deborah Lyons

3 Two-day programs:
(Choose one or more classes / 10% Discount when All Three Classes are Purchased Together)

Time: 9:00am – 12:30pm 1:30 – 4:00pm

Reiki 1: Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th January 2019
     Cost: Standard $175 + $15 for the Manual
               Early-Bird $150 + $15 for the Manual

Reiki 2: Thursday 17th & Friday 18th January 2019
     Cost: Standard $175 + $10 for the Manual
               Early-Bird $150 + $10 for the Manual

Reiki 3: Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th January 2019
     Cost: Standard $175 + $15 for the Manual
               Early-Bird $150 + $15 for the Manual

Venue: Whitireia Kapiti Campus

Reiki Overview

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is based on harnessing the unseen life force energy that flows through each of us. If ones life force energy is low, then we are more likely to be ill or feel stress, and if your energy is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

Reiki is literally energy guided (Ki) by divine wisdom (Rei) and heals on all levels: physically; mentally; and spiritually. Reiki is a non-confrontational form of healing, soothing away many different troubles and trauma in a very gentle, powerful and effective way.

Reiki is perfect to help de-stress, reduce anxiety, help achieve better sleep, reduce body aches and pains, and even help high or low blood pressure.

If you are lacking direction and motivation or feel stuck and just want some time out for you to re-group, then Reiki can be a great tool to re-energise yourself and regain balance and control of your body and life.

A practical way to give time to yourself, to re-energise, and to help restore balance and control in your life, Reiki is often described as having a small holiday from yourself, and after a treatment youll feel relaxed and at ease

REIKI I Introduction Level. 2-Day Workshop
You will become attuned to Reiki I. In this workshop you will get an understanding of all the elements of Reiki and begin attunements to work on yourself.

REIKI II - Practitioner Level. 2 Day Workshop
This will give you all the skills you need to competently practice Reiki on yourself and others and by completing Workshops I and II you will be qualified at Practitioner Level.

Reiki III - Master Practitioner Level. 2-Day Workshop
An advanced course that accelerates healing and use of energy and completes Master Practitioner Level. The 2-day workshop can only be taken after qualifying Level I and II.

Meditation Deborah Lyons Kapiti Summer School summer school adult classes educationDeborah Lyons

Twenty years ago, I was introduced to holistic healing, as a tool to help me grow and overcome personal challenges I was facing at that time. The combination of mind, body and emotional work instantly resonated with me and inspired me to start my own business in Invercargill, Essential Holistic Living.

For almost two decades I supported the people of Southland with a mixture of energy work (Reiki), counselling and life planning, mindfulness meditation and therapeutic massage.

In 2016 I moved to Raumati Beach and was captivated by the energy and beauty of the Kapiti Coast and its given me fresh inspiration to take my practice to a new level.

I love helping people and Ive been privileged to support clients from every walk of life. Those seeking to enhance their relationships, develop motivation, find a path and purpose beyond the work treadmill" or seeking relief from body pain.

Im a qualified Therapeutic/Relaxation Massage Therapist, Reiki Teacher, Holistic Life Coach and Meditation Teacher.





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