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Learn Facebook and Google Analytics with Angela Addleton

Social Media Courses

Facebook and Google Analytics
Learn how to use these invaluable tools to increase your sales and income with Angela Addleton

Two independent half day courses book separately, or 10% discount if purchased together.

Cost Each Class:
Standard $75
(Early Bird closed 31st December 2018)

Date: Monday 14th January 2019
Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Cost: Standard $75.00
Venue: Whitireia Kapiti Campus

Google Analytics:  Now Finished
Date: Saturday 12th January 2019 
Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Cost: Standard $85.00 / Early-Bird $65.00
Venue: Whitireia Kapiti Campus

Facebook Tricks of the trade for increasing your income
A half day course Monday 14th January 2019

Make Facebook work for you. Learn tricks of the trade to increase the number of your customers. This course is for current, and beginner users of Facebook.

Customers are changing how they buy, and you need to learn from them. Have you asked yourself, why was my Facebook post not clicked on and how many customers do I need to attract?

Learn how to do Facebook posts, how to add images, how to attract with a great topic heading.

What would your customers click on and why?
How Facebook works and why its so cost effective in getting your business known.

$400 adverts in the newspaper versus $20 for audience of 2,500 Facebook users and more.

See examples of great Facebook marketing in Kapiti and what makes them successful.

Learn how to interpret the stats the Facebook gives and how you can increase your traffic and increase that bottom line income.

All that and more can be answered on the course where you will be hands on using a PC whilst being guided by Angela Addleton from The Web Wizards who has been working on the world of the big internet since 2004. No Jargon training.

Google Analytics for increasing your income
A half day course Saturday 12th January 2019

Are you an existing Business Owner, an Entrepreneur or a Person with Passion about to upgrade to a Part-time Professional or have you got a great idea?

For businesses it is now essential to have both a Website and Facebook presence to market your business, but where to start?

Websites are great for promoting your business, but only if you keep up with your weekly marketing. Every night Google bots go into all the businesses websites that have made change that day to reread the whole website and make the necessary changes to Google held information. Then when you have Google Analytics you get to see who is going to your website and what they looked at and for how long.

By using the data on Google Analytics, you can see if a certain product is more popular or an article you wrote is being read. You can tweak your business to attract more like-minded customers. Some websites are off putting, and this can make the difference on whether they even click on your website and stay and look at anything.

When did you last do a Google search and none of the sites were what you were looking for? That will still show up on your Google Analytic figures but with a NIL time of being read. That was either because you were on page 36 of Google or when they click on it they were not interested in going any further and exited out.

Customers are changing how they buy, and you need to learn from them. Why was my Facebook post not clicked on and how many customers do I need to attract? Did you know that Google Analytics can help you understand your customers behaviours?

To increase your trade, you need to understand how people search as now Google uses USER PREFERENCES for each individual user. That is why you keep getting those annoying pop up adverts for something you search for last week.

When you advertise on Facebook you need to target your audience and grab their attention. Then watch the results on Goole Analytics for a true figure of who actually read your article, new post or new product page!

Course includes how to use the data received on Google Analytics traffic from your website including where it came from i.e. Facebook. Who to target i.e. Foodies, times to target i.e. Friday afternoon bored workers, locations i.e., should it be more than just local, demographics and content.

It is a prerequisite to have a website for Google Analytics. If you dont have a website, contact Angela directly for a discussion. Please email her on to discuss.

Maximum number in class 12.
Computer Supplied. Need to bring your own if an Apple user.

NOTE IMPORTANT: Google Analytics and Facebook Business page needs to be installed prior to the class. If you need to have Angela set up a Facebook business page and/or Google Analytics on your website, Angela can do this for you. An extra charge of $45 paid directly to Angela will have this sorted for you. Please email her on to discuss prior to booking the class, please.

Maximum number in class 12.
Computers supplied. Need to bring your own if an Apple user.

Back in the days Angela worked for a newspaper where she was trained in how we read adverts including where on the page our eyes move around in a certain pattern. This fascinated her, and she then delved into Online marketing for her own business in 2004. Once in New Zealand she had a magazine for the Wellington region called ETC Magazine where she helped businesses write advertorials. One client said they had double their income from the adverts as the photography and editorial were attracting customer to arrive at her shop with the magazine in hand.

Another customer said she had received customers from largest array of demographics from an advert. Getting your demographics are key to online marketing, luckily for Angela she sold Geo/Demographical software in Wellington and has been trained on using the product.


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