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Gluten, Dairy Free, Vegetarian Cooking with Lou Watkins-Ratcliffe

Healthy Cooking Classes

Gluten, Dairy Free, Vegetarian Cooking with Lou Watkins-Ratcliffe

Three stand-alone 4-hour morning workshops:
Select one or more courses, 15% Discount for purchasing all Three (3) Courses at one time:

Day 1: Tuesday 15th January 2019
Day 2: Wednesday 16th January 2019
Day 3: Thursday 17th January 2019 

Time: 8:30am – 12:30pm

Cost for EACH CLASS: Standard $75 + $20 Materials Cost
                                        Early-Bird $65 + $20 Materials Cost

Materials Cost for the Day 3 Class is $30. 

Venue: Whitireia Kapiti Campus

fermented foods healthy cooking kapiti summer school summer school adult classes education 400Tuesday 15th January 2019 – Day 1
We will be making our family and friends favourite fermented food. Easy peasy kraut because it shouldn't be difficult.

Zucchini ferment because there always too many and what else can you do with them! (More on that in day three.)

And apple and beet chutney because we love beets!!! These have become staples in our house and my take on the making means its simple, so more time for eating them if husband and kids don't scoff the lot.




IMG 20160413 134234 2 healthy cooking kapiti summer school summer school adult classes educationWednesday 16th January 2019 – Day 2
Chocolate avocado mousse is such a decadent creation you would think it should be illegal. My boys have been known to have this for breakfast with their favourite fruit. They giggle because its dessert for breakfast. Paired with vanilla cashew cream its a heaven-sent replacement for a chocolate cream pie.







healthy cooking kapiti summer school summer school adult classes education 400Thursday 17th January 2019 – Day 3
Our two favourite cakes of all time, chocolate brownie and raw carrot cake. The brownie may hold a secret but sshhhhhh dont tell. The carrot cake is my oldest sons favourite Raw cake and his birthday cake by request for the last four years running. Rarely do you get a second piece in our house, so you may need to hide them. The icing is sugar free and will become your new go to, and you will be happy that the kids won't be on a sugar buzz.




Lou Watkins Ratcliffe
My journey into improved food awareness began when a friend noticed similar behaviours in our children who were playing at the park together.

She mentioned a food protocol she was going to begin and asked if I'd heard of it, and would I be willing to give it a go as she would help, especially as she was a nutritionist.

That was around the same time that Montessori noticed some concerns in my youngest sons behaviour. We took him to a paediatrician and he was diagnosed with High Functioning Aspergers, ADHD tendencies and poor impulse control. He also needed glasses.

lou watkins ratcliffe healthy cooking kapiti summer school summer school adult classes educationI had begun to read up on the GAPS protocol that my friend had suggested. I realised straight away it could have a massive impact on his behaviour. I refused MEDICATION for my son and I reshaped our whole families eating with what I had learnt in this book.Initially we removed gluten, dairy and white refined sugar, and as we progressed I found other foods that we could trial removing to see if behaviours changed. My depression lifted as we did this, and I lost 26 kg without even trying.

Next, we removed processed food and then nightshades. I shared my experiences with friends and family who also tried eliminating some of problem foods and they also saw massive improvement in behavioural changes. A friend removed night shades and discovered they were affecting her husband. After this they both found improvements in their health.

In both my sons, with the changes in food, we were able to see who they really were, which previously was hidden behind behaviours that were triggered by the reactions to foods that they had been eating. We tested this theory as I couldnt believe it. By re introducing nightshades, sometime within hours and often days after eating tomatoes or eggplant the boys and my husband would be angry for no obvious reason. These days the nightshade group of food have been 99.9% eliminated.

My boys love to eat and have never been fussy, so I am blessed with that. They also enjoy the experimenting required to create what we want to eat after we remove what most recipes use. Research and practice is common place and substituting has become something even Master 15 and 12 now know without question. I love to share my passion with whoever is interested, and my current interest is exploring the wide range of fermented foods and their health benefits. 



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